About Us.

About APCL Group

Two businesses with peerless reputations in the shipbuilding and ship repair industries are being brought together under the umbrella of a single company.

APCL Group LTD has been established to operate as an umbrella organisation for A&P Group and Cammell Laird. Neway Industrial Services has also been brought under the APCL banner.

Each company will retain their own unique identities, but by bringing the four businesses together under one banner, APCL will stand before the market as a c £300m business.

The move will enable APCL Group to develop an ‘all of one’ company approach to major contracts and will further the Group’s ambition of becoming a Tier One businesses. With locations in the North East, Falmouth and North West, it will be a true global entity and reinforce its standing on the international stage.

This decision was born out of the firm belief that together, we can better serve our customers both now, and in the future.

Our strategic locations across the globe ensures the APCL Group Builds Customer Success.

Our Vision

Building Customer Success.

“APCL Group’s mission is to capitalise on years of shipbuilding and ship repair experience and engineering strength to better support our customers.

“Our guiding principle is to put safety at the heart of everything we do – consequently Health and Safety will continue to underpin our collective efforts and the agenda for change.”

Responding to our Markets

Our three businesses - A&P Group, Cammell Laird and Neway – will now exist under the banner of one holding company, APCL Group Limited.

The formation of APCL Group will enable us to better serve the needs of our valued customers both now, and in the future.

Each business will retain their own identities and our customers will continue to receive the same high quality of service. However, under this new structure, they will be able to share resources and draw on a global base of expertise that will allow them to provide an even more comprehensive set of services to our clients.

Our reach is truly global. The services we provide sustain the international defence and maritime community, underpinning the availability of naval fleets while maintaining the vital operations of the seaborne asset community. But we are always striving for improvement.

The creation of APCL Group was born out of the firm belief that together, we can better serve our customers both now, and in the future.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“As a family-run cruise line, we know how important it is to support local communities. By docking in Merseyside, Falmouth and Newcastle, we are pleased to be supporting the APCL workforce, the local communities and the wider supply chain. We look forward to developing an even stronger working relationship with A&P and Cammell Laird both now and in the future.”
- Peter Deer, Managing Director, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Our Impact

The APCL Group delivers significant economic value to the regions and countries in which they operate. 

A&P Group and Cammell Laird play vital roles in supporting their local communities, sustaining vital jobs and creating a lifeline for the North East, North West, South West and the wider UK economy.

All companies within the APCL Group have provide huge potential for offering skilled employment in engineering trades within their geographic locations.

A&P Group, Cammell Laird and Neway also offer significant training opportunities, with all businesses offering award winning, established apprenticeship and post-graduate training programmes.

All companies offer deliver significant economic value through their supply chains. Over the last five years, A&P Tyne has spent approximately £75m through its supply chain, with an estimated 40% being spent in the North East.

A&P Falmouth has spent around £200 million in the same period, with approximately 25 per cent of this going to the local supply chain in the South West.

In the last five years alone, Cammell Laird has spent around £400M in the supply chain on a vast array of goods, services and materials which support both the operation of the shipyard itself and projects which we have delivered to clients.

Work Safe Home Safe

At APCL, HSEQ is our highest priority with the aim of exceeding customer expectations and satisfaction.

APCL is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all Employees, Contractors and Visitors. Our companies employ a highly qualified and experienced Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality professionals, who manage and supervise all levels of work undertaken.

APCL’s Work Safe, Home Safe (WSHS) policy sets out the required behaviours and attitudes to maintain safe and healthy business operations.

WSHS includes a set of guidelines which outlines the group’s unfaltering commitment to health and safety in all aspects of its work and reiterates the four key values that underpin its operations – care, commitment, communication and compliance. 

By working together - we can reduce the risk of accidents happening in our workplace. Work Safe, Home Safe (WSHS) defines the core values which should form the basis of our safety culture here at APCL.

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